A group of journalists from Kosova visiting Corovode

The area of Skrapar has great touristic attractions, which are less known from Albanian population, that live in Kosovo and Macedonia. In fact there are thousands and thousands tourists, from these countries, that each year come to spent their holydays in Albania.


The most concentration of their flux is in Albanian coast.There are other places in Albania, that have lots to offer, such as canyons of Osum in Skrapar, which represent a touristic potentiality to discover, an extraordinary  landscape, beautiful and uncontaminated. The outdoor activities represent  an elected  natural scenery with rafting (practiced from February to June ) and trekking.


After the last visit in Corovode, of a group of Macedonian journalist, on last  11th  July,  a group of Kosovo journalist has taken part in another promotional tour discover Skrapar .The itinerary has involved three towns :Berat-Corovode-Permet, an initiative of National Agency of Tourism and Albania Federation of Rafting. The journalist were welcomed by the mayor and local authorities in verori bar, in center of town. There they have listened  popular music and tested Raki, the typical raki of Skrapar and later they had a typical dinner on Canyon Hotel.


In his opening speech the mayor of Corovode Nesim Spahiu, said that Kosovo and Albania are two countries with strong historic connections and  added that territory of Skrapar welcomed thousand of Kosovo refugees during the independence fight of 1999. The central theme in the discourse  of mayor were the touristic  potentialities of Skrapar, and their extension and collaboration with neighbor countries like Kosovo to promote the canyon .


The promotion tour of Skrapar ,continued the next day in the canyon, with an discussed protagonist  territory. Because of lack of water, in the canyon to do rafting in this period of year, the journalists have walked in the river, until to entering point in Hambull. Interviewed after the trekking in the river, the journalists declared that they had remained surprised from beautiful panorama of Skrapar.

The Kosovo journalist Nentor Oseku, which promote the tourism in Kosovo and Albania,has expressed satisfaction for this experience and confirmed that he would serve ,as a  connection bridge, for tourists of Kosovo that want to visit canyons. Leaving the Corovode, The itinerary of journalist continued for Permet

[Credits | Images: Nadion Xhaja]