A holyday along the canyon of Osum

The river of Osum during the summer time, is an ideal place for who wants to relax and get amazed by the beauty of virgin and uncontaminated nature. Along the riverside, one of the most frequented place by local and foreign tourists  is “Father ‘s Mill” in Hambull.


The area is known for it’s natural swimming pools, much appreciated for swimming, or relaxing baths in the waters of river. There are lots of tourists, above all, foreigners whom in this period of time come to the Father ‘s Mill. Some of those, we met here in a hot summer day, and after we talked with them, they told us that they had discovered this place by chance.


Between  those Tomos Scvice from Frankfurt, with a group of German tourists coming by camper directly from Germany. Tomas Tells us that he comes in Albania since 2011, because he has remain surprised by the beauty of nature in Skrapar, authentic and uncontaminated, an ideal place for the admirations of nature, relax and active outdoors. Tomas has visited Theth in Shkoder. The Father ‘s Mill is among the most perfect places, perfect for relaxing and enjoy of nature.


While the children play in water and entertain in river, the adults take the rays of sun and make walking along the canyons. Then the lunch hours come, which is become with fried meat and other assortments. At the end of day we say hello to our new friends with an “Good By” next year, to  appreciated still, one more time the impressive landscapes of Skrapar.


Late midday after they have tasted the rays of sunbaths in natural swimming pools, ,walking in nature, the best food of area, they turn more relaxed and with desire to turn again, in these amazing places.

[Credits | Images: Krenar Xhaferri]