A successful visit of Prime Minister Rama in Çorovodë

The tourism in Skrapar is based on the unique resources and peculiar to the territory as the Osumi Canyon, the National Park of Tomorr Mount, the Bogova Reserve, attractions thanks to the latest public and private investment have made the area much frequented by local and foreign tourists.


The canyon road made recently covering a distance of over 13 km and it connects the city of Corovode to Hambull: this is the largest investment in the “tourism” sector in the region of Skrapar.

With the construction of this new road is expected to double the number of tourists compared to the last year: from 5,000 in 2013 to 10,000 in 2014.


At the opening of the road took part in the institutions and personalities of Albanian politics, as Prime Minister Edi Rama, the speaker of parliament Ilir Meta, Minister of Justice Nasip Naco and Members of the local area.

During the visit, the Prime Minister Rama, accompanied by professional guides, did rafting in the canyon.
Interviewed by local operators, Rama said that the canyon of Osumi is a “magical” place and he invited all to visit Albanian Skrapar, a unique and untouched territory, one of the most picturesque areas in Albania.

After rafting, accompanied by Meta and local authorities, the Prime Minister headed to the hotel, a new luxury property recently built at the entrance of the canyon for a institutional dinner with local products.


The next day, at 10.00 am, was held the official opening of the road. The ceremony was also attended by the local population: many people have come from small villages present in the area.

To open the event was the mayor of Corovode Nesim Spahiu who thanked the prime minister for the support to Skrapar region and then pointed out what are the prospects and opportunities to develop an area naturally suited to tourism.
The mayor mentioned examples of successful projects, such as the cooperation between the municipality of Corovode and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Development, the Italian Embassy and the Institute San Graventino.


In his speech, the prime minister Rama reiterated the extraordinary tourist potential of the Canyon, potential that can transform what is the common concept of tourism in Albania, always linked and associated solely and exclusively to the sea.

Rama added that thanks to the new road and then to the connection with Permet, there will be a substantial increase in attendance over the territory.


Afterwards, even the speech of the president of the parliament Ilir Meta, who stressed that the new infrastructure will represent a great hope for the future of the local community in terms of tourism.






Immediately after the inauguration, the prime minister Rama visited some local attractions in Corovode and the new shoe factory recently opened in the city: an Italian investment of 16 million euros, which bodes well for local economic development.


The tour ended at the Corovode city hall where the mayor Nesim Spahiu presented to the Prime Minister a summary of the work and some municipal initiatives to improve the city’s infrastructure. Rama promised support for two projects, one dedicated to the development plan and the other one to the reconstruction of some buildings.

[Credits | Photography by Krenar Xhaferri]