Agricultural fair in Skrapar

On Saturday  September 29, 2014 in Çorovode was organised the agricultural fair. This fair has become an annual ritual for the city, in a festive ceremony where farmers from different areas of the town trade, promote their products and expand sales markets


In addition to hundreds of citizens, in the fair attended Parliament Speaker Mr. Ilir Meta, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Edmond Panariti, Justice Minister Mr..Nasip Naco and local MP and authorities.


The fair opened and welcomed from the mayor Mr.Nesim Spahiu who after thanking the participants and farmers stressed this fair importance to farmers as a gathering place, promoting place to their bio products. Then he  highlighted the perspective of tourism development of the area through local family and original products. Besides government projects, a more important role for the promotion of these products is a project in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development which will create a logo to these products, which will be found not only in the local market but also internationally.


Then spoke Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr.Edmond Panariti who in his speech pointed out the importance of agriculture as an engine of national development and promotion, ensuring special attention to this sector by the government. In fact at the end of October the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will publish a new map of typical products of Skrapar. Mr.Panariti promised commitment and  necessary spirit to support domestic production, through awareness policies for natural biological typical production.


The fair continued with a warm greeting from Parliament Speaker Mr. Ilir Meta, who spoke on the major developments of Çorovoda in the last year. Mr. Meta emphasized that along with tourism, agriculture can provide an important perspective to the development of the whole region of Skrapar. “There is no progress, sitting with idle hands and waiting, but only  working. There is no progress in destroying, dumping and burning, but only by planting, we can, and we will secure a brighter future”


The fair opens at 8 am, and continued until noon. Hundreds of people had the opportunity to visit, enjoy, buy typical local products by booths where local farmers had carefully advertised.

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By the end of the fair were appointed several awards for the best products. First prize was appointed  to the winery “Alba Lejla”, second prize Dashnor Sulçe cheese manufacturer, the third and the fourth prize but equally important were to Astrit Mezini a  farmer from the Therepel village for his wonderful bio fruits and Axhem Shabani for the honey.

[Credits | Images: Krenar Xhaferi]