American Ambassador in Corovode

Last June the American Ambassador in Albania, Alexander A. Arvizu, has made a two-day visit in the city of Corovode.Ambasciatore-Usa

Accompanied by Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, the mayor of Corovode Nesim Spahiu and local authorities, the Ambassador visited the shoe factory Alba Shoes recently opened which has employed over 200 women.



Among the stages of the U.S. diplomatic delegation there have been several attractions such as the Kasabashit Bridge, a monument built in the seventeenth century and linked to the name of the architect Kasemi. Immediately after, the Ambassador visited the canyon, where was accompanied by expert guides. He practiced rafting and told to the journalists that he was completely shocked and surprised by the beauty and pristine surroundings which he called “a true miracle of nature”.





Later there was the institutional dinners with specialties typical of the Skrapar area.


The day after, the Ambassador visited the Corovode Middle School and he had a meeting with both teachers and students.


The Ambassador met too the local population and he made a brief stop to the Town Hall. Here, the mayor Nesim Spahiu explained to the USA delegation his perspective of territorial development through the work and projects being implemented to improve the infrastructure facilities and make the city more attractive.


Before leaving Corovode, the Ambassador Alexander A. Arvizu received a symbolic gift: two photographs of the city. He said he was fascinated by the scenic beauty of the place, by the magic of the canyon, by the hospitality and generosity of the local population and he expressed also the desire to visit again in the future the city of Corovode.

[Credits | Photography: Krenar Xhaferri]