Calendar of activities

On 18 June, the municipality organizes a trip to the ‘’mill of the father’” in Hambull, with several  groups  of young people of the city. This excursion aims to introduce young people to the beauty of their country, one of which is the mill of the father, it is also considered a tourist attraction for foreign tourists.

June 23rd, Skrapar takes part in the Bioproducts fair in Calabria. The area of Skrapar is known for  fresh, healthy and, above all, organic products. In this fair will be presented all the typical products that offers this area, honey, rakia, wine, cheese etc. This international presentation will serve to our area, which will be present and outbound for its products.
15 July Minichampionship with bicycles Corovode – Kanione.  Youths of high schoool realize a minichapionship with bicycles, starting from the center of Corovoda and arriving at the canyons. This activity is realized on  purpose to entertain young people and commit them to do more with physical activity.  

20-25 august peligrimage in  Tomorri mounatain. Every year, the Bektashi believer from the  area and of the world adore the pilgrimage to the sacred mountain of Tomorri. People believe that there is a supernatural power, Baba Tomorri, where they pray and make sacrifices. Mali Tomorri is also considered the Albanian Olympys. It rises above an altitude of 2416 meters and makes it magnificent, with mountain meadows and steep rocky peaks, deep and sudden storms.

15-18  September  “Skrapari to the glassful”. An event that happens for the first time in our area is the  festival of Raki called “Skrapari  in glassful”, from September 15th to 18th. Festival of Raki is a promotional event for typical products of the area, , where  Raki remains the salient  brand of Skrapar, which is related to the reputation that it enjoys and the fame that  crossed the country’s borders and reached to the world wide . In this festival will participate the greatest mastery of raki, which will be shown techniques of  raki.Rakia  will be accompanied by the tasting of traditional foods of our country, there be showing and values of traditional cuisine.

Even raki, manufacturers will also be introduced to other products of the area, such as , wine, cheese and honey.

In addition, the cultural values and heritage of our country will be shown. The areaof Skrapr  is known for hospitality element,  respect, which has institutionalized roast skraparese and will be accompanied, isopolyphonic  sound, typical of the zone.

3 October  informotion for farmers. As an EU-funded project, there are the creation of offices where people are informed about EU affairs. As part  of this program, the meeting will be held on 3 October with the farmers in the area, about the conditions and their problems in accordance with European standards, in order to give a better page of our products to the eyes of foreign and local tourists.

28-29 November it organized open exhibition to the museum during the liberation days. In this exhibition, every citizen who wants  can be informed with all the details of the liberation war in our area. The museum is one of the most beautiful places where  are preserved  the tradition, values and history of our area.

22 December presentation of traditional cuisine for the end of the year. As every year, it has become a tradition that during the fest for the end of the year,  cooked served   foods that mark this fest. On December 22nd, is organized  a presentation of these traditional festive foods  by some housewives. As special foods on  these days,   is included   (brased chicken and bread crumbs ) called “ pershesh me pule” , which is also the symbol of New Year’s Day, roasted meat which is insignificant from our cuisine, different desserts, where the most special is “ baklllava “.