Corovode. Winery  built by Russians in the 60s and modernized recently. Works 320 qt of red wine, 120 qt of Raki and 15 of Rani. The grape is merlot that is grown as small trees. Is possible to book a winery tours and tasting.

Ylli Zaimi

Orizaj.Opened in 1999, produces goat cheese, honey and Raki. The milk is from local producers. It produces white cheese (40 days for curing, € 4 kg) and cheese (60 days for curing € 6 kg). Wildflower honey obtained from cultivation of bees near to  a typical plant...


Corovode.  They produce white cheese made from sheep’s milk and goat’s milk. Cheese is aged 40 days and received by a process similar to that of string cheese. They also produce yogurt and butter. The white cheese (Djath e bardhe) is preserved in brine.


Corovode. Wine producers since 2004. Vineyards planted in 1997. Utilizing property of a former state trading warehouse during the time of communism it now functions as a local winery.  The vineyards expand over  70 hectares producing with Merlot, Cabernet, Sangiovese,...