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Restaurant “Abaz Ali”

Address: Pronovik about 5km road Poliçan – Çorovode
Tel: +355695580610
Referent: Donald Laze
Typology: Restaurant
Covered: Yes
Indoors environments: Yes
Outdoors Covered: Yes
The average price of the meal (wine excluded): 7 €
Open: Annual
Language Spoken: English

Property description by the owner:
Restaurant “Abaz Ali” bar was created in 2006 and it is a family business. The restaurant offers a comfortable position to make a relaxing break while traveling. It is on the main road Poliçan-Çorovode. The balcony of the restaurant has a nice position and it is possible to eat traditional dishes consisting in Skrapar organic products, always fresh. The restaurant will soon offer hotel service on the second floor.