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Restaurant “Bedri Ymeri”

Address: “Mestan Ujaniku” Street, Çorovode
Tel: +355698559809
Referent: Bedri Ymerasi
Typology: Restaurant
Covered: Yes
Indoors environments: Yes
Outdoors Covered: Yes
The average price of the meal (wine excluded): 7 €
Open: Annual
Language Spoken: English / Italian / Greek

Property description by the owner:
The Bar Restaurant “Bedri Ymeri” was born in 2012. The local isfamily managed, and has a great position in the heart of Corovode, on the bridge that brings you to the upper part of Corovode. Thanks to the ten-year experience in Italy, the restaurant proposes both high quality Italian cuisine and great traditional dishes (such as the Tavdheu), everything made with organic products of the zone.