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Restaurant “Çelo” Bogove

Address: Bogove 20km from Corovode, 15m from the bridge
Tel: +355692343549
Referent: Afrim Çelo
Typology: Restaurant
Covered: Yes
Indoors environments: Yes
Outdoors Covered: Yes
The average price of the meal (wine excluded): 8 €
Open: Annual
Language Spoken: English / Italian

Property description by the owner:
Bar Restaurant Çelo in Bogove is a structure built in the 90s. The restaurant offers exterior and interior environments. Food choice is various and includes the traditional menu and a variety of meat dishes such as lamb, beef, pork and fresh fish of the Osumi river. Here you will be able to find several choices of wine and traditional drinks of Skrapar. It has a welcoming environment, cool and comfortable. The restaurant is well managed by Celo family, who has over 15 years of experience in this kind of business, enriching and improving service every day. Hotel Restaurant “Çelo” is in the touristic village of Bogove about 20 km from the city of Çorovoda in the main road to Berat, and 15 meters from the bridge, in the center of Bogove.