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Restaurant “Kanionet”

Address: Çorovode – Skrapar / 2km way to Permet
Tel: +355692037442
Referent: Aleksander Basho
Typology: Restaurant
Covered: Yes
Indoors environments: Yes
Outdoors Covered: Yes
The average price of the meal (wine excluded): 8 – 10 €
Open: Annual
Language Spoken: English / Italian / Greek

Property description by the owner:
Bar restaurant “Canyons” is a stylish restaurant within Çorovoda city. Besides a pleasant environment, air conditioning and a nice possibility to eat outdoor, it provides an international kitchen where we can highlight the diverse dishes with garnish, pizza and sweets. The traditional kitchen is available too, with plenty of specialties of meat, pies and other typical dishes. The restaurant also offers a selection of wine produced in Skrapar and the international ones.