Etnographic Values in Skrapar

What is created and maintained by ethnographic group of women in SKRAPAR is a task and at the same time a pride to be inherited. Traditional costumes in Skrapar are good part of many characteristic values of our region. Time has not forgotten ethnography, like many other districts also Skrapari is proud to preserve this asset and in many cases has been awarded with many different prizes in local festivals for their traditional ethnographic costumes.


Over the years these costumes have made Skrapari women proud, beautiful and honoured to perform in national contests and  beyond. All this is made possible thanks to the tireless and devoted ethnographic group of women, already present in Çorovode as heirs of the local culture.


They have created hand-made costume maintaining these special suits of great value by making them part of their daily life. Ethnographic group is composed of passionate women, among which we can distinguish Ruhije Hysko, Argimearta Meno, Arjana Beqollari, Eli Kaloçi, Demko and Serie Gezhilli Klementina, presented below as artists with a high creative spirit while wearing their traditional outfits.


Particular importance is given to the values and traditional traits such as motives in sleeves, colors and other elements in stitching these costumes. With pride and respect we present some of the costumes created by these wonderful women, passion and creative spirit of which made this all possible.


[Credits | Images: Nadion Xhaja]