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Hiking on Tomorr Mountain

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Typical products of Skrapar


Tomorri mountain

Tomorri is the most unique mountain and the most enigmatic, mountain in Albania. It is called the throne of the gods for its height, its cruelty, its beauty and its enigma. Every year thousands of peoples from Albania and foreign travel  to the mountain of Tomorri,...

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Grand Canyon of Albania

It is no surprise that many local and foreign portals talk about canyons and their amaizing view, that is why  we  often mention them and we are proud of them. More and more, Albania is recognized in the world as a tourist destination, filled with natural beauty that...

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The feast ” Skrapar in the glass”

It  were organized in Bogova, the feast  "Skrapar in the Glass" , where Bogova is involved in the project of 100 villages for tourism development in the country.This feast will be added to the Skrapar municipal feast calendar and will be celebrated annually. This...

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