Honey, the sweet taste of Skrapar!

Besides Raki and Rehani, Skrapar is known for honey production as well, since the ancient times. To discover what made so characteristic and special this honey we are going to interview Astri Çelën, Director of Agriculture of District of Skrapar and an important local production


The interest of Çelës for honey starts since the time of university ,and in this interest has influenced Qenam Nari Professor and author of texts in the field of beekeeping, that still today are used in University by Faculty of Agriculture.


The first beehive of Çelës starts in the year 1975, adding in the next years until to 10 beehives before the years 90, quantity that was permitted at the time, today he has 110 beehives. All the District of Skrapar counts around 6’000-6’500 beehives distributed in 108 villages and the quantity of honey produced reaches in 60’000-70’000 kg in year.


In the years of communist regime the production of bees was focused in an exclusive mode for honey, while now, in addiction are produced milk and propolis, products always required by the internal market, for their particularity curative values.


According to Çela, the honey of Skrapar may be considered as the best honey of Albania, because of the vast territory and biodiversity, very important for determination of characteristics of taste. Compound of nectar influence a lot in odor and taste of honey.

Varied zones, as Tomorrica, Gjogovica, Ostrovica, Miçani, Malindi, Sevrani are distinguished for their production of high quality honey.

[Credits | Images: Krenar Xhaferi]