Inaguration of Shoes Factory Alba Shoes in Çorovodë

On May 23, was inaugurated shoe factory Alba Shoes in Corovode, a private investment Italo-Albanian which bodes well for employment in the city.


Currently 200 people have been hired, but it is expected that in the future the total number of jobs will increase to 300.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, Minister of Economy Arben Ahmetaj, the Minister of Energy Production Damian Gjiknuri, the Minister of Justice Nasip Naco and other members of the government coalition PS and LSI.


The Mayor Nesim Spahiu in his opening speech stressed the importance of this investment for local employment; Later Ilir Meta confirmed as the city of Corovoda are preparing to become even more attractive tourist destination.


During the ceremony, speeches were made by the ministers Ahmetaj and Gjiknuri, speaking of the infrastructure projects that will be implemented in the future, investment required to give the right impetus to the development of the territory.

[Credits | Ph. Krenar Xhaferri]