Journalists from Macedonia in Çorovodë to promote tourism in Skrapar

Last June a group of Macedonian journalists participated in a promotional tour to discover the route through Berat – Corovode – Permet – Gjirokaster, an initiative that was coordinated and carried out by the Office for Investment and Macedonians who involved journalists from different media.

The route chosen is among the most popular itinerary in Albania, as a winning combination of historical-cultural tourism (Berat and Gjirocastra), food and wine-and nature-based tourism (Corovoda and Permet).


After the visit to Berat, the journalists stopped in Corovode. They were welcomed by the mayor Nesim Spahiu who illustrated their what are the prospects for growth and development of tourism in the city.

There was also a meeting with the local small business and follow a dinner with local food products at the Canyon Hotel. Over dinner they discussed about the possible cooperation between Albania and Macedonia not only in tourism, but also in other areas of mutual interest.


The day after the journalists visited the Osumi Canyon to admire the spectacular natural scenery and rafting. They were interviewed and expressed surprise for scenic beauty of the place, a tourist  are who they didn’t know and who will talk about and promote through a report dedicated to Osumi Kanyon.

[Credits | Ph: Krenar Xhaferri]