Miss Albania 2015 in Skrapar

The “Fireflies” of Miss Albania do rafting on Osumi Canyons in the small town of Çorovode. Çorovode a very organized town, the way to the canyon has re-dimensioned the tourist image and picaresque valley of Osum “pointed out”  the well-known director of this format it Petrit Bozo.


Skrapar and its amazing wonders, more and more are put in the focus of many local and international cameras and video clips that promote the area and the touristic potential.


A group of 30 beauties, accompanied by the famous director of this television format, Petri Bozo arrived in Çorovode to make a video clip, which will be presented during the event.


This video includes recordings and photographs on the most beautiful places of Skrapar, as the Hole of the Bride, the bridges of Zabërzani and Blezënckës and rafting on the river Osum.


In these recordings have been made using other modern techniques of shooting, including shooting using flying drones.These clips will be screened at the gala evening of the event.


On the second day of rafting the girls did rafting accompanied by local guides of the Hotel Tourism, continuing to Bogova a small tourist village to make other clips and photographs


The girls, the group of filming and the director Peter Bozo have left left the premises of “Kanionet” hotel with the best impressions on the hospitality of the town of Skrapar.


[Credits | Images: Nadion Xhaja]