Not only Raki, in the discovery of Rehanise: Local typical syrup

Among the typical products of  Skrapar, Reania is worth to mention, a fruit syrup that is  obtained from fruits like cornels, grapes and plums. During harvest in Skrapar, is produced not only brandy, traditional local drink, but this delicious soft drink traditionally made from almost every family winery as well.


Rehania is obtained by boiling the fruit, well matured, adding with care a certain amount of sugar. The syrup should be boiled until it becomes thick and achieve a cherry color, then is filled into bottles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rehania can be used immediately as a non-alcoholic beverage, mixed with fresh water in the ratio ¼. With a typical and characteristic flavor, it’s sweet is characterized by a slightly bitter taste in the end.

[Credits: Images:|Greta Cufe]