Pilgrim in the mountain of Tomorr

Every year, from 20 until 25 august, the mountain of Tomorr is transformed into the spiritual place for thousands pilgrims, with occasion of rite dedicated the saint Abaz Ali.


And this year, the presence of pilgrims have been great. In this feast except the local and religious authority, was present the President of Republic Ms.Bujar Nishani. Pilgrim in mountain of Tomorr is a religious dedication , but nonetheless an ideal moment to pass some holidays along mountain side, appreciating natural  landscapes and tranquility that this saint place offer.


After the tradition, pilgrims reached in the highest point of mountain of Tomorr, where in a small mosque rests saint Abaz Ali, the stepfather of saint Abaz Ali. As soon as they reach the top, they are accommodated in the pass of Kulmak, near the monastery where are placed the five tombs of Bektashi religion founders. Here the local authorities have provided for each family, lambs to be sacrificed, by expert butchers.


The sacrifice of lambs is a particular rite of this feast. In sign of purification the believers have to sign their forehead with freshly sacrificed lamb, and then to dedicate themselves to prayer. The sacrifice part, and purification of the spirit leading to prayer,  were not  the only  things to do.  Immediately after  the spiritual part ends, the time of eating and sharing the lamb as a sign of acceptance, love, and care-taking of one-another begins.


The crowds’ day has been 22 august, with the occasion of opening of ceremony of sect Bektashi  spoke the President of Republic who, accentuated the religious convivial of Albanian people as a key of success for integration of Albania in Europe .


[Credits | Images: Nadion Xhaja]