Project Opening Conference

Conference held on May 22 in Tirana by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Entrepreneurship marked the beginning of the operational phase of the project co-financed by the IADSA and Municipality of Çorovodë (SKRAPARI) which besides the ministry,  has as NGO partners CESVI Italian, Italian municipality Atessa, leading SAGRO Development Agency Aventino (Abruzzo).


This project has benefited from a significant co-funding from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development which has previously supported through the ASSI (Experimental Activities Development and Internationalization) initiative the district of Skrapar. The new project aims to support sustainable development of the area and promote tourism in Skrapar. A joint effort of the municipality and its partners is to coordinate the protection of territorial and cultural traditions of Skrapar promoting opportunities for sustainable development from an economic standpoint but also environmentally.


The IADSA’s funding will help improve the infrastructure necessary to increase the supply of various tourist products that Skrapar area can offer as well as vocational training to young people with new skills in the field of tourism promotion.


[Credits | Images: Nadion Xhaja]