Raki of Skrapar, the widely known drink of Albania

The autumn season in Skrapar is known as the season of raki. Skrapari is not only a region known for its hospitality and tradition, but is also known for its interesting producing of raki. In fact raki of Skrapar is very well known not only in Albania but also in Europe.


In every part of Albania, at any festive ceremony raki of Skrapar is always required as the best alcoholic drink. But what makes raki of Skrapar so special? What is the secret of this drink? To find this we will talk with Sali Hysi, a master of raki. He tells us that the production of raki is a centuries-old tradition passed from generation to generation.

Grape is cultivated and collated in tall trees like oak, plum, etc. In general the area of Skrapar produces a strong raki with a percentage alcohol content up to 22%. The village well-known for the production of raki are Zabërzan, Muzhakë, Rog and Vendreshë. Once harvested grapes are pressed hard and collected into wooden barrels, now days we use plastic barrels.The pressed grapes, at this stage are is called “bersi” and is left for 25 days, nearly a month for the right time of fermentation. Proper fermentation of grape is understood by a strong characteristic flavor.

When reached this fermentation “bersite” are ready for production of raki. Than “bersite” are boiled into closed aluminised copper kettles. The wood used is better be oak in order to produce more heat, necessary to convert “bersite” into alcohol vapors. These vapors then pass through copper pipes that pass through a cold vessel in which begins the opposite reaction, that of distillation, the alcoholic vapors go back to liquid state. At the end of the tube there is a small ccloth from flowing raki in a glass or plastic container. Then brandy is kept in small glass bottles.