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Hotel “Kanionet”

Address: Çorovode – Skrapar / 2km way to Permet
Tel: +355 69 20 37 442
Referent: Aleksander Basho
Average Price: 40-50 €
Language Spoken: English / Italian

Property description by the owner:
Hotel Restaurant Canyons is a structure built in 2005. The structure is quite welcoming, where the nature fresh air and panoramic landscape beautifully interwoven to provide a feeling of calm and relaxation. “Canyons” offer a modern environment with a variety of services. The hotel is located about 2 km from the city of Çorovoda on the road to Përmet and offers a panoramic landscape of Çorovoda city and surrounding areas. The Hotel is administered by Basho family. The quality of service and comfort at the Hotel Canyons are at high levels. This hotel is the fittest for foreign and domestic visitors. Here you can find available a considerable number of rooms and a suite, suitable for a variety and even greater needs. The hotel offers opportunities for conferences.