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The Osumi Canyons

The Osumi Canyons are the largest canyons in the country and rightfully so they are sometimes referred to as the “Grand Canyon” of Albania. The canyons are situated along the road from Hambull to Çorovodë. The canyons are around 13km long, 4-35m wide, 70-80m deep, and with steep vertical slopes. Flowing through the canyon is the playful Osumi River. When you travel through the canyons you will be amazed by the surprising beauty and interesting impressions that the canyon creates: pieces of they sky that meet with the grey vertical limestone clis, and lush green vegetation, all reflect in the river beds to create a combination of colors and inverted forms. The fluidity of all of these colors will overwhelm you and plunge you into a completely dierent, unreal world with sensations so sweet you’ll never want to leave. In some parts of the canyon you can see surprisingly large and beautiful waterfalls. The waterfalls are especially beautiful on the days when the sun rays sparkle over the water, forming rainbows that start from the sky and move down the sides of the canyon until they finally reflect along the riverbeds. On these occasions it is dicult to find the border between the earth and the sky. To experience another beautiful sight, you must experience the canyons from above. Even when you are far away from the canyons they invite you back for a visit. From the end of April until the middle of June the canyons are home to rafting and water activities. Adventurers come from Italy, England, The Czech Republic, Germany, and many other countries to go rafting.