The Agricultural and Product Fair of Skrapar

The Agricultural and Product Fair of Skrapar is a very important annual event.

Each year farmers come from various districts of Skrapar in order to sell their unique products in the community of Çorovodë.


85 local farmers took part in the event, offering typical products from their land, such as cheese, honey, raki, wine, reahani, nuts, and apples. The municipality considers this event as a crucial opportunity to use the Fair as a “meeting point” for farmers and consumers.


The Mayor of the Municipality of Çorovodë, Mr. Nesim Spahiu, stated in his community address that the bio-products of Skrapar have a very prominent identity that is part of the local and national cultural heritage.

Proudly in attendance was the President of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta and the Minister of Justice, Mr. Nasip Naco.

Meta echoed the statements of Spahiu and stated that Skrapar has an extraordinary touristic potential. He believes that bio-products are a perfect combination to the natural beauty of Skrapar. The promotion and sale of these local products is a wonderful opportunity for the local population. The central government hopes to support the farmers in order to increase the production and sales of bio-products.


One of the positive innovations of this year’s fair was the collaboration with the English Embassy, whom organized the performance of an English DJ, Golden Rox, along with the performance of two Albanian singers, Behar Spahiu, and Dashuri Hysai