The Bektashi faith and sacrifice of the Lamb

Among the most occurrences perceived by the population of Skrapar there is one linked to the climbing of Mt. Timorr and the pilgrimage of the Bektashi sect.

The population of Skrapar fact belongs to the Muslim religion (of the Bektashi sect) for 99%. The Bektashi sect, founded in Anatolia in sec.XIV ° got its name from its founder Haxhi Bektash Beliu, who arrived in Albania with the Turkish conquest.

Skrapar has a full calendar of festivals, and among these particularly heard is, in fact, the pilgrimage to Mount Tomor and all’Orma of the Holy Abaz Ali, along the road that runs along the canyon Osumi.

On the highest peak of Mount Tomor, burried in a small Teqe, rest in peace Abaz Ali, half-brother of Muhammad. Every year 20 to 25 August tens of thousands of pilgrims from all over the Bektashi sect, gather here to celebrate their most important holiday of the year.

The roads from the surrounding valleys leading to Mount Tomor, for many kilometers become an endless line of vehicles that have only one purpose, the pilgrimage to the sacred place. Arrived, they camp ahead of Kulmak, the monastery under the peak of Mount Tomor, where there are graves of the five founders of the divines of the Bektashi religion in Albania. Each family buys a lamb from shepherds. Many shepherds from around the region arrive with their herds for the occasion. Thousands of lambs are slaughtered by experts in a specific slaughterhouse situated right next to the field, in a continuous carousel of sacrifice that goes on day and night for the whole duration of the festival.

The sacrifice of the lamb is the most peculiar ritual of this feast. In a sign of purification, the faithful will receive fresh blood marked on worshipers forehead just before his lamb forehead the lamb is beheaded.

This religious place is of fundamental importance not only in the district of Skrapar but to the entire state of Albania. It is highly recommended to visit Mt. Timorr, for both the cultural significance and the beautiful landscape that you will discover along the way.