The Canyons

If you decide to visit the territory of Skrapar, will be sure to admire the canyon, mammoth ‘guardians’ of the river Osumi, towering walls of granite, which in the course of nature has shaped their lives.


The canyon of Osumje and Gradek is a tourist attraction for those who want to enjoy a breathtaking view, or the ideal setting for those who want adventure sports in contact with water and unspoiled nature.


The canyon of Osumi is characterized by beautiful waterfalls that ‘rush’ by high walls, and in two places there are small bridges connecting the banks and allow you to cross it. The canyon of Gradek, however, is more wild and treacherous, not easy to access if you are not equip with professional equipment that will let you repel inside.

But not only water-related activities in the beautiful scenery of the Canyon, along the mountainous territory is possible to descend on a mountain bike along beautiful trails though the dirt roads that connect the villages. Even trekking and Nordic walking are easily feasible everywhere. The incredible virgin rocky walls of the canyon have serious potential for rock climbing and repelling. You will find many of the local free climbing the local rock faces and plummeting into the river during the hot summer months. The gentle slopes of the surrounding hills could be easily transformed into a runway for paragliding. There are also opportunities for hippo trails, quad biking routes, and off roading.


All you need is comfortable clothing and the basic equipment, as well as a good spirit of adventure. For the rest, you can always ask a friendly local, who in large part speak Italian (English is commonly spoke by children) and will be very happy to help you. You can also easily find rental vehicle, a chauffeur, and guides that know the area in depth.