The fair of Agricultural Production in Skrapar

On 12 October, in town of Corovodes, was held the fair of agriculture production .This activity ,rise a lots of interests ,among the farmers of area ,around the town of Corovodes, who insure their participation ,with their products ,which are mainly bio products .In fact ,the area of Skrapar, is distinguished ,for it’s products, which are bio products ,non contaminated.Such products, as cheese ,raki , honey, meet are research products, not only in internal market ,but and regional market. In this activity, took part and Chief of Parliament Ms.Ilir Meta ,Ministry of Agriculture Ms.Edmond Panariti ,Justice Ministry Ms.Nasip Naco, and lots of other deputies of Berat’s District .

The activity ,was open by Mayor of Corovoda’s town Ms.Nesim Spahiu who in his speech, state the value of area ,as a touristic area, and the tries of farmers, to offer qualities products ,products which would race ,non only in local market ,but in regional market, and searched a support ,and a great attention , by new government for this category.

Later great ,and Ministry of Agriculture Ms.Edmond Panariti ,who state the role ,and new dimension ,that sector of agriculture, has taken under new government ,and promised lots of help ,and more attention for this sector.

Finally ,spoke the Chief of parliament Ms Ilir Meta, who appreciated the touristic recourses of area, and assure that this area ,sonly would be a touristic area .He promised that, the road segment Berat Corovode, would be finished sonly ,and the area of Skrapar would not be an isolated area ,but with new project of piper line gas Tab ,the district would be an development district, having a new access for farmers, a new market that of Korca and Elbansan .

Later the Chief of Parliament, followed  by Agriculture Ministry ,and deputies of area visited ,the fair ,appreciated their products ,Hundred of citizen ,had the occasion to buy good products ,products of quality .The citizen reaction was positive ,by appreciating the activity and asking that such activity to be present in town time to time.