The Professional Training Courses in Skrapar – DevOPS Project

The DevOPS project, financed by IADSA – Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Agreement – and implemented by the Municipality of Skrapar along with the Italian NGO Cesvi (with the support of the local Ministry of Tourism and Economic Development, the Municipality of Atessa and Sangro-Aventino Consortium) last week started the professional training courses aimed at youth and women living in the region of Skrapar.


The projected impact of this activity will lead to 70new professional who are well-trained in the sector of Tourism. The courses are divided into 3 different areas which represent just as many professional “spheres” related to Tourism:

1) Local Touristic Guide

2) Marketing and Promotion of typical local products

3) Hotel Reception and Tourism Accommodation


At the same time, an English Course, held by an American teacher, is dedicated to all the participants and it is aimed to improve the oral communication with the tourists who come to Skrapar.

The course for Marketing and Promotion of typical local products is managed by the Albanian Association of Marketing, a Tirana-based organization that is specialized in marketing techniques for rural areas around Skrapar.


The Local Guide course aims to present to the participants the cultural instruments (History of Skrapar and touristic attractions), as well as a good knowledge of the local territory, in order to allow them to share Skrapar’s history with tourists.

Finally, the course for Tourism Accomodation will prepare students to become new professionals in the sector of Tourism, being able to deliver high quality services both in the hotel facilities and restaurants and providing to the tourist an attractive environment in which he can enjoy during his free time. In doing so, they can also enjoy lots of typical food and wine products from the region.


The courses last from November 2015 to March 2016 (4 months). At the end of the course, for the best 35 students, there will be an opportunity to do a two-day Study Tour in Permet, where a similar project (the so-called “Rise Op) has already been implemented.

The high attendance at the courses and the great enthusiasm showed by the students will have a positive effect on the rest of Skrapar community, making them aware about the importance of Tourism Development in Skrapar and how it can lead to a broader economical development of the area.