The Tunnels of Pirogosh

Constructed near the town of Corovode, in a place that even the devil can`t find, the Tunnels of Pirogoshit are similar to an ancient underground town. The construction  of the Tunnels lasted more than 17 years and they were made functional by the middle of the 80s.


It has been said that the tunnels of Pirogoshit, together with the reserve of arm ammunitions in Pigaz, would have allowed Albanians to fight and resist against invaders for more than six months.


In March 1997 the tunnels were irreversibly damaged by local community members who lost everything due to the collapse of the Albanian Economy. Throughout this year, desperate, frustrated, and angry people took to the streets in riot. Many buildings were damaged and people injured. At that time, the desperate citizens reacted by grabbing as much as they could from the tunnels, including the weapons.


1997 was a very difficult year for the Albanian people. Damage was done in Corovoda and across the nation too. The tunnels of Pirogoshi were luckily saved from large-scale wreckage by former employees and active community members. Thanks to the involvement of a few brave people, Corovode avoided massive destruction.