“Action X Skrapar” is the new outdoor center based in Corovode.
We organize rafting activity in the Grand Canyon of Osumi. From February to May and even beyond if the river allows it, you can live an incredible experience in a unique environment throughout Europe. You will be followed by expert staff who will give you the equipment certified to European standards, necessary for the activity: protective helmet, life jacket, thermal wetsuit and ki-way. What you need to have: sports shoes and socks, t-shirt, thermal shirt, swimsuit, towel, shoes and spare clothes for end-of-life activities. You can also bring camera, action camera and other essentials you can take on board the rafting boat that will be kept in a waterproof container. Children can participate with adults and there is no maximum age limit. It is not difficult, the river has difficulty level II-III, depending on the season, but it is important to know how to swim and be in good physical health. We also organize bus transportation from our base to the river embarkation.

Our activities:

Osumi Canyon (technical grade II-III, 15 km)
duration in water 2 hours – euro 40 person

Bogove Valley (technical grade II-III +, 15 km)
duration in water 2 hours – euro 40 person

River Trip (Osumi Canyon + Bogove Valley)
duration in water 4 hours, includes a final lunch – euro 75 person

Rafting Osumi Canyon + hotel with breakfast: 45 euros per person

Discount for groups and guests of affiliated Skrapar hotels.

For information and booking contacts:
Tourism Office of Skrapar
tel: (+355) 031222889