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The wild and without any special traditions of active sports outdoors, except perhaps for rafting, allows a genuine enjoyment of the natural environment, even though it is not valued by the locals. The paths, for example, shows no sign of attendance if we exclude the ancient shepherds, farmers, woodsmen and hunters. There is consequently no signs, not even that consists of cairns (small stone trail markers), through cross signals and known by all the ‘peoples’ of the mountains.

The environment is enriched by the presence of the great canyon of Osumi, with its high and vertiginous walls that drop right down on the river bed.

Other walls, close to Corovode however, have never been considered for rock climbing and are of considerable size and height (350 meters high and several kilometers long). Please note that in Europe no longer exist (for decades and decades) unclimbed walls of this size. In addition, the low bands of these walls are very suitable to sport and tourism and would be enhanced with the participation of equipment of the routes for free climbing.

More land of adventure and discovery, not manmade, cultures and traditions “borderline” between Europe and Asia, and last but not the least, the excellent availability of local guides and off-road vehicles at affordable prices, make the visit to this area for special experience and adventurous.

Outdoor Activities in Skrapar