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The district of Skrapar

The district of Skrapar is in the South of Albania and it has a surface of 775km2. The center of the district of Skrapar is the town of Çorovoda. The town is known for the river Osumi wonderful Canyons. Skrapar has a mountainous relief, and the geographic position very favorable. The district is composed from 3 geographic –physic –sites. The valleys of Osumi and Tomorrica , the Kulmak chasm , the gulf of Devria and the mountain range Tomorr –Kulmak –Mican.
The Skrapar relief is very attractive and offers a very beautiful panoramic landscape. Skrapar has many caves that are very attractive for many tourists like the cave of Pirogoshi that is a natural monument. It is about 3 km from the Çorovoda. The cave is 1252m in length, 30m wide, 5m high. Skrapar is the sole district that has in his territory so many canyons, close to the town. The depths of the canyons vary, but generally are about 80m, and create a magnificent natural object full of trees and vegetation. The Canyons of Osumi and the Gradec are close to Çorovoda . The length of Osumi Canyons is about 15 km and they are covered with different kinds of trees. The Osumi Canyons start to Hambull and finish to Çorovoda. On the other hand, the Gradec Canyons are 4km in length. They start to the bridge of Osoja and finish to the bridge of Kasa-Bashi. Through the Canyons are villages of Osoja, Gradeci, and Radesh.
Skrapar is known for its traditional alcoholic drink made from grapes, locally it is called Raki , which It is widely known in Albania and abroad. The villages known for the production of Rakia are: Zaberzan, Rog, Verzhezhe, Muzhake. Except the Rakia, Skrapar is also known for other products, like honey, rehania and a variety of cheeses. In Skrapar are found the facts of medieval culture, like the old churches and bridges .There is found a medieval structure called “Hammamet e Slatinjes” from the Ottoman empire invasion. There are some national parks that are close to Tomorri Mountain, like The National Park created and protected in 1966. It is full of vegetation and the wild fauna. One with an important activity is the stone processing through the road to Tomorri Mountain, which has the typical limestone with the colorized tonality.
The population of Skrapari is 99% of the Muslim religion, the set of Bektashi. The place of the cult is called Teqe, and most of the famous of them are founded in Kulmak ,Prishte ,and Sternec. The most famous and religious place is in the top of the Tomorri mountain where is the grave of Abas –Aliu .the step brother of Mohamed (the prophet), which is buried to a small mosque. A noted reputation has cheese, meat and honey. Skrapar doesn’t have yet its geographical origin and product quality mark. As a result Skrapar, is not adequately exploited the commercial potential of the products. The lack of services and proper publicity, affect the places and the beauty that this area possesses. Despite the many own riches, Skrapar remains a marginal district contest in Albania and one of the least developed , land of great emigration excluded from the social-economic changes in Albania today .