Skrapar’s traditional costume

Skrapar’s traditional costumes are a whole asset of an early culture. They have a spiritual and material value. The costumes are handmade and decorated with different motives. The color that has been used more  in their embroidery is blue, green, red and white. The folk costumes is a rich heritage of the area, which points to the early traditions of our people and, especially,  the traditions of Skrapar area. In the traditional dress of Skrapari there are elements that  Skrapar has had relationships, of the surrounding areas. The garments are distinguished by early features such as guns, other elements are, mengoreja, kemisha, takia, stem, necklaces, fustanella, jock, tirqit, and opingat made of animal skin, as far as men’s dress. For women there is a vest, tumanet, dress, chemise, bra, perplexity, corapet. For the originality and beauty of these sketchy costumes many times have won and international prizes as the most popular costume.