Trekking in mountain of Tomorr

Mount Tomor comes with its highest peak, at 2,417 meters CuKa Partizani sea level.

The landscape is thriving and varied, full of forests, among which the beech and pine trees in the mountains, rivers, caves, but also the fauna promises show with the grizzly bear, wolf, fox, wild cat, deer , wild boar, squirrel and then the eagle’s symbol of Albania.


For a day of trekking on Tomor you need an cross-country vehicle , that you will find at affordable prices in the central square of Corovode. From here, set off at a time of Gjerbes, a small village at the foot of the mountain, the journey time is about an hour or two, because the road is unpaved.


Arriving at Gjerbes, start your walk as well. Toward the river Devoll, you can continue on foot to reach the Tomor, with a path through the woods near the small power station, 2 km from the village, along the road that goes to the bottom of the valley. On the left side of the control panel you will encounter a small stream, from which the path. After path for about 200 meters, you come to the water pipe that comes from the mountain, so just follow it. The path, in the initial part is steep and rocky, quite bumpy, so watch out for slips.


Continuing on, you leave the woods to cross the glades, the route becomes more comfortable and smooth, offering a breathtaking view over the valley and surrounding mountains, up to the step of Kulmak, the monastery place of worship of the Bektashi sect.

From here, most willing spirits and intrepid can continue and arrive in about an hour’s walk to the top of Tomor.


Arrived at the terminus, retrace the path in reverse to return to the village of Gjerbes, waiting for you there will be a large banquet prepared with typical local specialties, including succulent lamb (cooked slowly on a spit), corn bread, homemade and local cheeses.

[Credits | Photography: Carmelita Cianci]